Proposed by Les Tambours du Bronx, these workshops are aimed at children from 8 onwards, teenagers and adults, provided they are members of local communities, or civic centres, non-profit associations (French law of 1901), recreation centres, music schools, state schools.


– Production of a short show (20 minutes) of percussion on oil-drums. This show can be performed during school events or other festive events.
– Awakening an interest for music in general and percussion in particular among young people.


– Getting to know percussion on oil-drums in groups of 9 to 20 people.
– Evaluation of each one’s rhythmic capabilities.
– Learning how to work in a group (being able to listen to the others in order to play together).
– Discovering the instrument (oil-drums and pick-axe handles) and its specificities (sound, how to strike a drum…)
– Creation of original titles.
– Growing aware of choreography (standing and moving onstage).
– Preparation and decoration of the instruments.

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