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Requiem Length: 4:05 Play From album: Requiem
Pneumothorax Length: 4:05 Play From album: Pneumothorax
Jungle Jazz Length: 4:05 Play From album: Jungle Jazz




Release date: October 2001 – Label: Naïve – Total time: 1h09min


Live 2001, partially recorded on tour in the USA in 2000.

Like an initiation rite, with a slow rhythm and a keen sense of the dramatic crescendo, the music of Les Tambours du Bronx settles itself in space and in your head. It gradually climbs over your body, almost softly, as it were. Cut up into pieces with evocative titles, which are intriguing or worrying. The shouts which rise from the pounding of the oil-drums cover up the deluge of sound with a barbaric humanity. Each piece seems to sound its own inevitability, always with the pounders who incite one another to a greater even force. Then, curiously, this impression of pure violence turns into a trance. The world starts revolving around what then appears to be a kind of symphony, with its movements, its allegros and its adagios. The « Requiem » has its own logic, nearer to the heroic charge than to Camille Saint-Saëns. The distorted voices sometimes give rise to a sick « melody » (« Etouffez la Ventoline ») brfore the pounding starts again. Les Tambours du Bronx achieve the musical sound of the industrial machine and make this live an experience which leaves its mark on you.

Track list

1. White chagne
2. Acid train
3. Until the end of…
4. Requiem
5. Black bull
6. Etouffez la ventoline

7. Parametre time
8. Big foot
9. Pneumothorax
10. Double devils
11. Jungle jazz