Bronx Sound Machine

The Bronx Sound Machine for all your musical and audiovisual projects…

Music : recording, mix, mastering
Audiovisual : music, sound effects / foleys, mix (Stereo – 5.1 DTS / Dolby Digital)

Studio facilities
– Wifi, kitchen, cosy corner, air conditioning…

– Monitoring : Eve Audio and Yamaha (Presonus Central Monitor Plus)
– Clocking : Black Lion Audio
– Tracking : Pro Tools 8 HD3
– Pre-Amps : API, TL Audio, dBx, Audient, Art, Universal Audio
– Converters : Apogee AD16X, Audient
– Mix (stereo and surround 5.1) : Pro Tools 10 HD5, Lynx & Digi 192io Converters, Neve Summing Mixer , Manley EQ, Rupert Neve Compressor, Rupert Neve Tape simulator , Avalon EQ/Comp , Monitoring Focal, Yamaha & Dangerous Monitor

Spacious room for sound recording (30 sq.meters)
– Monitoring : up to 6 headphone circuits with independent control,  MoreMe and Audio Technica headphones
– Mikes : Sontronics, Audix, AKG, Shure, Oktava, Neumann, Cascade, Blue, Sennheiser…
– DI : Avalon, Radial ReAmping, Korg tuner, …

– Guitar amps: EVH, Bogner, Marshall
– Bass amps: SWR (caisson Goliath 6 HP)
– Drums: Yamaha Rock Tour Acajou, Tama Starclassic, Snares: Think Drums, Ludwig Vistalite

References BSM & Dom (sound engineer)

– Music : Les Tambours du Bronx (albums, live DVDs, videos, …), Sepultura (Metal Veins Alive at RIR, brazil, Blu-Ray, DVD, vinyl, CD), Sam Spiegel (USA – NASA/Maximum Hedrum), Jane Badler (AUS), Re_Org, Bensoussan, K-Nars Boiteux, Schtern, Charogne Stone, Glory Hole (Paris), Pangora, Hate Six Remains, Some Reasons to Kill, FTX, Torres & Jezequel, Aniki, Da Silva, Kill The Thrill, Dick Beavers Swing, Bounce, Redwolf, Let’s Burn Cookies, Plastic Age (demo & EP), Psychobolia (Paris), …

– Audiovisual : M.Kassovitz & Klaus Badelt – L’ordre et la morale / Mix, Music and Sound recording for various short films / Assistant on Faust, Chambre 13, Pirate Family, les Zinzins de l’espace, RedFox, Cybersix… / Mix for Les Tutos on Chasse et Pêche channel, …